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Fees & Charges

Yass Valley Aged Care Ltd is a Commonwealth funded, not-for-profit, charitable organisation.

Basic daily fee

Every person admitted to a residential aged care facility for respite or permanent care contributes 85% of the Aged pension to cover day-to-day living costs such as meals, cleaning laundry etc.

Means-tested care fee

This is an additional contribution towards the cost of care that some people may be required to pay and is based on an assessment of the person's income and assets.

“Everyone moving into an aged care home for the first time from 1 July 2014 will need to have their income and assets assessed by the Australian Government Department of Human Services (DHS / Centrelink) or the Department of Veterans’ Affairs if they want to receive government assistance with their care and accommodation costs. This assessment will be used to determine the costs you could be asked to pay.” (

Asset and Income Assessment Forms are available from Centrelink or the Yass Valley Aged Care Admissions Manager.

The maximum means-tested care fee will be charged on an interim basis, until the DHS determination is received by the resident and the organisation. Payments will be amended and fees refunded dependent on DHS assessment.

There are annual and lifetime caps that apply to the means-tested care fee.

Prospective clients and Representatives are advised to:

1)    phone the Admissions Manager at Yass Valley Aged Care Ltd on 02) 6226 3090 to make an appointment as fees and charges are complex; and


2)    to visit the following websites for helpful information:



Accommodation Charges

This is an accommodation payment and is in addition to the basic daily fee and means-tested care fee but is also subject to an income and assets test which means some people will have their accommodation costs met in full or part by the Federal Government.

The following are the Accommodation pricing guidelines for Yass Valley Aged Care Ltd:

Horton House – Single room with shared bathroom:

  • Maximum Refundable Accommodation Deposit - $395,000

Horton House – Shared room with shared bathroom:

  • Maximum Refundable Accommodation Deposit - $320,000

Warmington Lodge – Single room with private ensuite:

  • Maximum Refundable Accommodation Deposit - $425,000

Warmington Lodge – Single room with shared ensuite:

  • Maximum Refundable Accommodation Deposit - $400,000

As directed by the Australian Government Department of Health, Aged Care reform: a resident can choose to pay for their accommodation by a refundable deposit, a daily payment or a combination of both.

The Admissions Manager will advise you to seek advice from your financial advisor as to how best to proceed for your individual financial circumstances. Management can provide a list of financial advisors with residential aged care experience.

The charges determined by the Department of Human Services (DHS) are based on a resident’s individual financial circumstances and the results of the Asset and Income Determination (Centrelink).

Home Care – Consumer Directed Care packages:

As determined by the Commonwealth government, every person receiving a funded home care CDC package will contribute 17.5% of the Aged pension to cover some of the cost of care. Dependent on the client’s income a Means Tested Care Fee may also apply. The costs of service provision by Yass Valley Aged Care are taken from the government funding attached to the package.

Unfunded services are also available. Please contact us on 02) 6226 3090 if you require any type of aged care service.

Residents, Clients or their Representatives are required to sign an Agreement with Yass Valley Aged Care as the Approved Provider.


Pharmacy and Sundry Charges

Sundry charges such as pharmacy and hairdressing are charged to the resident’s account when the invoices are received from the pharmacist, hairdresser etc. The cost of these items will appear on the monthly invoice.

Statements and Invoices

Payment of fees and charges is by Direct Debit to Yass Valley Aged Care Ltd. Payment is required one month in advance; statements are available on request; and invoices are issued monthly.

Refund on Separation

As soon as possible following separation from Yass Valley Aged Care Ltd, the resident will be issued with a cheque refunding any monies owed to them. These monies will include any interest calculated at the rate set down by the Department of Health and Ageing. In the event the resident is deceased, the cheques will be made payable to their Estate.

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